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Dienstag, 9.5.2017

On the second day, we started with a visit of Musée Lumière. There, we learned about The Lumière brothers and their invention of cinematography. When they developed the cinema (moving photography) they wanted it to be accessible to everyone. During this process, they developed several additional techniques of photography (360° panorama) and movie making (film strip camera).


In 1903 they patented a colour photographic process, the Autochrome Lumiere. Throughout much of the 20th century, the Lumière company was a major producer of photographic products in Europe, but the brand name, Lumière, disappeared from the marketplace following merger with Ilford. We were also able to admire 3D photos.


After the visit of the Musée Lumière, we went for sightseeing in Lyon.


In the afternoon, we visited the first company of our tour through France with LafargeHolcim, the world leader on concrete production. Near Lyon, LafargeHolcim possess a research and development center where they look for better concrete for specific application. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the research centre, which is why we can only report what we saw. We were rather impressed with the various types of concrete that one can make. We saw concrete for I-Beams, concrete for fassades, or concrete for thermal insulation of building. We saw concrete in any possible color, for floors, walls or even for „green walls“, which means that plants can grow there. And, finally, an industrial-scale lab where the different types of concrete can be mixed and tested. All in all, very impressing and mostly new to mechanical engineers and materials scientists that we are. LafargeHolcim


The Group during the lecture and in front of LafargeHolcim with our guides.

After that we went by train (unfortunately not the promised TGV) to Arles. The time was differently used by the colleagues, some for work, some for having fun.


Arrival in Arles at 10 pm, Arles by night.