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Research projects at the chair of Materials Technology

Start Finished Projects Project leader
11/2011 Atomistic scale simulation of precipitate nucleation process in alloys Alice Redermeier
11/2011 RFCS - Kinetics of Precipitation during Continuous Casting of Plate Steels Tomasz Wojcik
07/2008 Thermomechanical modelling of continuous casting - crack formation mechanism Jakob Six
05/2009 Simulation of the precipitation sequence in Al-Mg-Si alloys Peter Lang
01/2008 Modeling and simulation of simultaneous diffusion and precipitation in heterogeneous materials during surface treatment Jaroslav Zenisek
11/2007 Modelling and Simulation of the Precipitation of Carbides and Nitrides in Microalloyed High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Steels Rene Radis
01/2007 Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Isothermal Austenite Decomposition in Low to Ultra Low Carbon Steels Farhan Imtiaz
01/2007 Kinetics of scale formation, scale removal and surface decarburization of steels Denijel Burzic
07/2011 The impact of atomic trapping on diffusion and phase transformation kinetics Jaroslav Zenisek
12/2010 Thermo-Kinetic Computer Simulation of Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Dilatometry Curves of heat-treatable aluminum alloys Wu Jun
12/2010 Tribological effects of structured and densified surfaces Beatrix Adjassoho
05/2010 Multiscale Modeling of the precipitate evolution in Al-Mg-Si alloys Peter Lang
04/2010 Thermo-kinetic quantitative prediction of the dispersoids in 6xxx-series aluminium alloys Kerem Öksüz
12/2009 Precipitation hardening Simulation Mohammad Reza Ahmadi
05/2014 Throug-process modeling of microstructures and properties of AA6061 aluminum plate production Thomas Weisz
08/2011 Investigation of microstuctural evolution during deformation within the second ductility minimum of steel Simon Großeiber
10/2011 Aging and Tempering of Martensitic Steel Walter Mayer
08/2011 Quenching and Partitioning of high strength low alloyed steels containing Silicon Niko Große-Heilmann
02/2012 The formation of welding joints by means of a bimetallic strip Katharina Umlaub
10/2011 Aging and Tempering of Martensitic Steel Walter Mayer
05/2014 Development of phase transformation models for continuous heating and cooling with prediction of grain sizes Christoph Krüger
04/2013 Microstructure evolution of direct-chill cast rolling ingots of 7xxx aluminum alloys during homogenization Rafiezadeh Siamak
07/2012 Surface microstructure control during continuous casting Martin Lückl
04/2012 Microstructure evolution in precipitation-hardening steel Georg Stechauner
01/2010 Characterisation of boron alloyed steels and numerical modelling of precipitation and segregation behaviour of boron Sabine Zamberger