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Chair of Materials Technology

The chair of Materials Technology at the Institute of Materials Science and Technology deals with the manufacturing and processing of metallic materials, with special focus on steel and aluminium alloys.

A basic methodology that is utilized in our research projects is the modeling and simulation of materials properties, where we apply modern methods and sofware to describe and predict the property evolution during thermal and thermo-mechanical treatment. Together with advanced experimental characterization, which is often carried out in close collaboration with research parters, we aim at understandig and describing the properties of materials.

The personal interest of the head of the chair of Materials Technology, Ernst Kozeschnik, lays in the sotware development for materials modelling (MatCalc) and the material steel itself ("Steel is sexy"). Main focus is directed towards the description of phase transformations in multi-comonent multi-phase materials and the relation between microstructure and mechanical-technological properties. The part of the research related to precipitation kinetics and precipitate evolution is mainly worked on in the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Early Stages of Precipitation.

The modeling and simulation activities in the area of aluminium alloys are mainly coordinated by the Aluminium Modeling Group Vienna established in 2009. This group is headed by Ahmad Falahati.

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