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Welcome to the Institute of Materials Science and Technology


The Institute of Materials Science and Technology counts over 60 researchers in the fields of theoretical and experimental material design. Covering metals, ceramics, polymers and compound materials the institute is dealing with a broad variety of engineering materials. Besides experimental characterisation, the simulation of microstructural processes plays a superior role. We offer a wide range of lectures and courses comprising obligatory bachelors' and masters' lectures for the fields of study: Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering - Economics and Material Science. Our institute is divided into three chairs.


Prof. Paul Heinz Mayrhofer: Materials Science

Prof. Sabine Seidler (currently president TU Wien): Nonmetallic Materials

Prof. Ernst Kozeschnik: Materials Technology


Univ. Prof. Dr. Ernst Kozeschnik


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Dagmar Fischer / Tel.: +43 1 58801 30860

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